Kiara Ten Developer

Kiara Ten is a high-end strata housing development which is developed by reputable developers in Singapore. Pinnacle Assets is a real estate project corporation established in 2007 and based in Singapore. There are many famous development which is successful of Pinnacle Assets in the past such as Primedge, The Centern and The Water Edge. Fission Group is a property development company established in 2006 in Singapore. The company focuses on investing and completing residential, commercial and industrial projects in Singapore over the years. Fisson Group also developed some successful projects include Alexis, Cosmo and Centra Heights along with Centra Loft and Centra Suites, Stellar RV joint developed with Pinnacle Asset Group.

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Kiara Ten | A Confluence Of Lifestyle And Development

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About Jointly Developer by Pinnacle Assets Group & Fission Group of Companies


Centra Suites Developer-Joint development by Pinnacle Assets Group and Fission Group of Companies

Pinnacle Asset Group

Pinnacle Assets is a property development company. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Singapore. Their other property development portfolio includes Primedge, The Centren and The Water Edge.

Joint Ventures include

  • Centra Residence, Stellar RV, Centra Loft with Fission Group of Companies
  • Cambio Suites, One Surin with Nobel Design Holdings Ltd and Act Holdings Pte Ltd

Fission Group of Companies

Other projects developed by Fission Group of Companies include Alexis, Cosmo, Kiara Ten and Centra Heights.

Joint Ventures include

  • Centra Residence, Stellar RV, Centra Loft with Pinnacle Asset Group