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Treasure @ G19 is located on a peaceful street in Geylang area, district 14. Built and completed in 2015, the condo has a limited number of apartments with 27 residential units. This is a free development area that gives you an impressive life with all kinds of modern and comfortable internal facilities, bringing a rich spiritual and material life to residents.

The internal facilities of Treasures at G19 Condo will include basic internal facilities such as a swimming pool, pool deck, gyms, kids' playground, BBQ pits, chill deck, pavilions,... You get to live in a beautiful landscape ravishing, your home is a sanctuary for health and spirit. In addition, impeccable amenities such as a barbecue and BBQ area with a shallow spa pool are fully immersed in this area, placing occupants at a level of immersion around the design location of the pool and the facilities. other amenities to maximize use in the condo.

Living at Treasures at G19 Residences, you will feel the comfort and fullness of life, where the best new amenities complement every aspect of your lifestyle. With many opportunities to create memorable moments with friends and family. Treasures at G19's site and utility planning has been updated so that you have a realistic perspective when discovering the uniqueness of this project, let's explore and make an informed decision. when choosing an apartment that is right for you here.

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Treasures At G19 - Facilities Carved Impeccably For Both Tranquility And Thrills

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