Site Plan


Driven by the desire to reinvent tropical city living, the creators of TRE Residences have united architecture and landscape in a harmonistic fusion to create a distinct identity. The best of city living is anchored on two stunning towers enveloped in lush greenery, a visual reminder of timeless style infused with fresh meaning. This is achieved through design inspiration that responds to nature through an integration of the structural architecture which houses a wide range of apartment types, as part of a unified, interrelated composition that fuses harmoniously with the landscaped surroundings.

The experience of the lush landscaping distinctly sets the tone from TRE Residences’ impressive entrance, where residents and visitors are greeted by a green terrain that elevates the residential towers. This visual treat continues with generous verdant greens that are interweaved in abundance throughout the development and heightened even more so through the unique introduction of tropical garden settings in front of each home for a truly vertical green oasis in the city.

A Harmonious Architecture In Perfect Balance

Rising 17 floors high and comprising 250 units across 2 blocks, TRE Residences offers a choice of one-, two-, two plus one-, three-, four- and four-bedroom dual key apartments as well as dual key penthouses, meeting every lifestyle and family needs.

Water. Earth. Sky. Tre In Harmony

Seldom has indoor and outdoor space been more successfully integrated to offer different landscapes of serenity. TRE Residences takes great pride in ensuring an optimal balance of chic material and soft greens for a visually calming and atmospherically soothing welcome all around. The entrance courtyard is specially designed to welcome a new way to city living, infusing sophisticated energy as well as a picturesque calm.

An Oasis In The City. An Offering Of Refined Splendour

Residents of TRE Residences can look forward to a host of nature inspired facilities for a back-to-nature experience and lifestyle with beautifully landscaped in layered vistas of elevated thematic gardens, waterscapes and sky patio. The result is a verdant botanical retreat that brings the great outdoor experience closer to home while artfully creating an ambience of seclusion, a sensational back-to-nature experience.

Landscape Architecture

TRE, meaning three in Italian, inspires the core landscape ideation of TRE Residences. The design stems from the 3 natural elements of water, earth and sky, expressed through some of the world’s natural wonders to bring the best of the world’s renowned escapades to the doorstep of its privileged residents.

In keeping true to its inspiration, TRE Residences’ facilities are categorised into three distinct tiers being water (1st floor), earth (4th, 9th and 14th floors) and sky (17th floor) with each encapsulating the essence of the world’s wonders.

The facilities work themselves up from 1st to 17th floor for a totally immersive experience and serve as different settings for a wide range of activities to be enjoyed anytime of the day.

Hints of the Rainforest and Wilderness greets residents at 4th floor as a depiction of the Amazon Rainforest for a connection with tropical nature. The Savanna Grasslands on 9th floor provides a scene of adventure through a selection of scenic foliage while a Zen garden experience on 14th floor with its manicured garden courts and vast tranquillity will offer much sought after solitude respite.

Scenic Sanctuaries In Abundance

At each floor, lush gardens extend from individual lift lobbies, serving as inviting ‘skygardens’, the perfect relaxing tropical backdrop from which to enjoy a well-earned respite from city sky viewing.

The Zen Respite

Tranquillity awaits on the 14th floor with a picturesque serenity to ease away the bustle of a hard day’s work and achieve one’s constant desire for inner calm and personal contemplation. It is also the perfect setting to reconnect with loved ones as they soak in the restful aura on expansive manicured garden courts.

A Savanna Escape

Wind down your day in a Savanna sunset amidst a unique selection of foliage and flora which evokes a sense of adventure and fun. When the sun goes down, the city lights set the mood for romantic alfresco gourmet dining under a canopy of stars.

An Amazon Adventure

A tropical bliss nestled on 4th floor where the sights, sounds, and scents of nature come together in playful wonder in a natural garden landscape that affords expanse of space for personal freedom, expression and recreation. Just leaning back on a deck chair and surveying the surroundings is recuperative, as one takes in the beauty of the scenery, sight and sounds.

An Immersive Experience

The Sky Patio at the Rooftop Terrace on 17th floor with its immersive, dramatic city views is a climatic culmination of the many luxurious facilities that TRE Residences offers for residents’ indulgence in mind.