Leshan Gardens Site Plan And Facilities

The facilities inside Leshan Gardens include an outdoor barbecue pit, gym, parking, playground and swimming pool. The apartment includes a wide selection of beautifully designed amenities suitable for today's urban dwellers such as East Coast Park and numerous local gourmet restaurants all within walking distance. Modern and fully equipped gym equipment helps everyone to regenerate positive energy and improve health and fitness. The BBQ food area designed here is also an ideal place for families to gather together to organize outdoor barbecues while enjoying the fresh air and tightening family affection.

Leshan Gardens Condo gives the biggest unique feature which is the excellent layout and design of the building which provides all necessary amenities. Leshan Gardens brings your family to a comfortable natural life. The right amount of natural sunlight and wind can be easily accessed through the help of terraces and windows in each apartment.

Take a look at Leshan Gardens Floor Plans now to choose an ideal home for you and your family!

Leshan Gardens Residences | Facilities Serve One Primary Purpose

Leshan Gardens Facilities

Leshan Gardens facilities will be coming soon. Please Contact Us and we will contact you as soon as possible