Lagoon View Floor Plans And Units Mix

Lagoon View offers a total of 480 units. The number of rooms available for each unit from 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms each. Your family will enjoy a sophisticated, diverse and convenient lifestyle by the duality of modernity and heritage; individuality and community. Each home in this condominium is a safe haven of comfort and respite.

Lagoon View Condo is meticulously designed to satisfy even the most demanding homebuyers. Offering spacious apartment types with 3-bedroom apartments -1,647 sqft. That's an advantage for homebuyers in a condominium with 480 exclusive apartments. With a minimalist and modern design, the membrane house offers plenty of space and allows residents to tailor the interior to their personal taste, offering flexibility that few apartments have. Besides, the detailed design inside the apartment can be changed depending on the needs of the owner. You have almost complete freedom to choose the design and layout that works for you.

Lagoon View is really an ideal choice for your future. Explore the reputed developer now for more interesting information.

Lagoon View Condo in District 15 | A Home For Your Family To Share & Grow

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Lagoon View Units Mix

Size Area 
3 bedroom 1,647 sqft
Total 480

Lagoon View Floor Plans

Lagoon View floor plan

Lagoon View floor plan

Lagoon View floor plan