Klassic Court - A Return To The Essence Of Living

Klassic Court is a self-contained private residence with a limited number of 10 apartments that are easily accessible to residents. Although it is a small apartment, the internal facilities of this project are still fully equipped and standard, suitable and satisfying for low to medium-sized residents. The condo has a campus with spacious parking, green lawn and spacious yard for residents to walk with their children or take their dog for a walk around the project.

Klassic Court Condo offers a wide range of standard amenities to serve all the essential needs of residents in daily living. Residents will comfortably enjoy the facilities available without having to worry about being crowded. With a limited number of apartments, most of the project's facilities are easy to use. In addition, the building's security system is protected 24/7 and has a management team ready to assist you.

Klassic Court Residences offers a stable life and contributes to the balance of your daily living values. Utilities in this condo are not as many as other developments but meet the necessary details that not all small apartments have. With a financial level not too large or for foreigners, or citizens wishing to rent, this is one of the apartment projects that can meet the criteria for them.

Klassic Court Floor Plans has already been updated. Discover now to get more things about the concept as well as the architecture of this attractive development!


Klassic Court Condo - The Pinnacle Of Sophisticated Living


Klassic Court Facilities



Klassic Court offers a set of practical facilities, including an open car park, playground, and 24-hour security to ensure the safety of its residents.