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Jing Suites consists a total of 7 units from 246 sqft to 926 sqft. With a freehold condominium development located at 275 Changi Road in District 14. The development was completed in year 2015 with a total of 7 units, considered as a low-density development. Jing Suites is suitable for singles, couples and young families. Creating memorable family moments with a functional space layout and making a lasting impression with quality home appliances and accessories, residents and your loved ones will also have difficult moments, as well to make the most of them. Enjoy the full range of exquisite home appliances and take advantage of every detail.

Jing Suites 's floor plans

Jing Suites with living room

Jing Suites 's floor plans

Jing Suites with kitchen

Jing Suites floor plans

Jing Suites with bathrom & view

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Jing Suites Floor Plans

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Jing Suites Units Mix

Size Area 
Studio 246 sq ft
1 bedrooms 393 – 403 sq ft
2 bedrooms 559 sq ft
6 bedrooms 929 sq ft
Total 7 Units