Everitt Green Facilities

Around the Everitt Green area there are amusement parks and many kid-friendly places, including East Coast Park - Singapore's largest outdoor theme park, where you can bike, picnic , jogging and skating. Furthermore, other amenities and attractions such as Raintree Cove, Big Splash, Road Safe Community Park and the famous Swimming Club of China. Besides, there is also a Parkland Gold training ground for golf enthusiasts. Walking along the East Coast Road will bring you to more dining options with multicultural cuisine, including many Peranakan eateries, Katong laksa, chicken rice and bean curd cakes. Moreover, this vacant land is also near Parkland Golf Course. If that's not enough, residents can still find a variety of amenities around the area such as cafes, boutiques, places of worship, convenience stores, banks, petrol stations and community centres. offering maximum ease to residents in their daily arrival.

Everitt Green Condo residents are also provided with facilities such as swimming pool, large gym equipped with modern exercise machines, where residents can exercise while continuing to develop and enjoy a lifestyle. strong. In addition, the project provides complete car parking for its residents. Most importantly, the project is equipped with state-of-the-art security facilities and 24/24 protection for residents in the area, ensuring that residents are protected and safe for residents living here.

Everitt Green Unit Layouts with importantly information. Check it out now and choose an ideal home for yourself!

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Everitt Green - Where Our Story Begins

Everitt Green Facilities