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Estique is one of the attractive condominium developed by Macly Group in the Geylang area. The Group is known as a real estate development company based in Singapore. This is one of the oldest developers established since 1987. Up to now, Macly Group has owned a lot of prestigious real estate with high achievements in developing real estate on the mainland, to apartments, condominiums, mixed-use developments, commercial and housing clusters. Macly Group has a vision when choosing Geylang as an impressive area to develop high-end condominiums, including Estique. Units at Estique are available for rent and sale purposes with the 3 beds apartment had a sale price of S$ 1.40 M, according to the latest transaction.

Discover more interesting things of the Estique Condo today and have the opportunity to own multi-convenience apartments at attractive prices!

Estique Condo - A Return To The Essence Of Living

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About Developer

Noma by Macly Group

Macly Group (est. 1987) is an established property developer based in Singapore with a track record of developing landed properties, apartments, condominiums, mixed developments, commercial and cluster housing projects. Between 2004 and 2020, the Group developed and launched more than 35 residential and commercial developments in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Macly Group continues to uphold its mission of delivering quality and value to purchasers today.


Compact and Affordable Apartments

Prompted to make private apartments more affordable, Macly Group was the pioneer in “shoebox apartment” (i.e. Compact and Affordable) trend in Singapore. Its first Compact and Affordable apartment, Mackenzie 138, was sold out within a month in 2004.

Introduction of Mechanical Parking System and Apartment Facilities

The introduction of “shoebox apartments” have lead to the introduction of the Mechanised Parking System to solve the parking provision to apartments. Macly Group has developed affordable private housing with ample facilities and value. Soho 188, Suites @ Owen, Suites 123, Thomson V1 and V2 were the Group's projects in which the above were introduced.

Low Price Quantum Private Freehold Apartments at Bigger Sites

With real estate prices increasing, Macly Group saw the need to develop low price quantum private freehold apartments, and decided to apply Compact and Affordable apartments at conventional, bigger sites. Suites @Amber, Wilkie 80, Zedge and Newton Edge were some of the Group's projects that were developed during this period.

City Fringe Living

With real estate prices increasing further, Macly Group ventured into developing non-conventional sites such as Geylang, located near Singapore’s city fringe. This was well received by both consumers and the market, proven by the sales records of Sims Edge and Suites @ Sims, which sold out within 1 month of launch in 2011. All 275 units at Guillemard Edge was sold out within 2 weeks of launch in 2012.