Eastwind Mansions - Smart Home with Smart Living

Eastwind Mansions is a Freehold completed in 1992. With only 17 units in a building with a not too large area, this apartment still fully meets the basic standards and the design brings harmony to the home different groups of needs. Located in a peaceful area amidst the bustle of the center, this apartment is an attractive place for those who are looking for peace to enjoy and work.

Eastwind Mansions Condo offers two types of apartments: 2-bedroom units with an area of ​​786 sqft and 3-bedroom units with areas ranging from 1270 sqft -1345 sqft, depending on the corner unit. These apartments have a traditional frame design and can flexibly change accessories in the house. The bedrooms have a subtle way of receiving natural light with a window higher than the proportion of the bed, so that the light coming in is not too harsh. In addition, the design of the apartment with cream colors brings elegance and is a neutral color group, which can be easily combined with the interior of gold, gray or break with cobalt or dark blue.

Eastwind Mansions @Geylang is the ideal apartment choice for any individual or family. For individuals who want to reset the interior to their liking, you can talk to the previous owner or building manager to make the change as desired. In addition, the apartments are sold if they have ready-made furniture, you can also exchange when buying a house to buy a package of the furniture you want.

Eastwind Mansions was built from a reputable developer, which will bring trust to residents. Check out the developer for more information.


Own a unique masterpiece that is truly a composition of refinement and sophistication, where unmatched modern living and comfort await, Eastwind Mansions.


Eastwind Mansions Unit Mix

Bedroom type Area
2 Bedroom 786 sqft
3 Bedroom 1270 sqft -1345 sqft

Eastwind Mansions Floor Plans