Crystal Dew Typical Unit Layouts - Make It Simple, But Significant

Crystal Dew is designed with a simple style but still delicate in every details. With the exterior colors of the building it can be seen the classical elegance is demonstrated. The colors are bright but not too flashy, creating as the pure and gentle Crystal Dew as its name. The project never goes out of date, along with the details in each apartment that are simple but extremely exquisite. Although there are not too many units with only 14 residential units, the designers focused on every single element with high ceilings and airy balconies. The spacious balconies help to receive natural sunlight and fresh air, helping residents have a comfortable and enjoyable life, in harmony with the outside world and not have to live in a confined space.

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Crystal Dew Floor Plans

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Crystal Dew Units Mix

Type Size No of Units
1 Bedroom TBA TBA
2 Bedroom TBA TBA
3 Bedroom TBA TBA