Chen Fang Mansions - Savour A Piece Of History For Future Memories

Chen Fang Mansions is a condo development developed by Chen Fang Investment Pte Ltd. The development is designed with a modern style and includes a full range of internal facilities, meeting all entertainment needs for residents. The property includes car parking to make it more convenient for residents to move anywhere in the city. In addition, the project has a swimming pool and pool deck for residents who can come here every afternoon to relax. The condo is also equipped with a gym with full modern equipment, helping residents to exercise every day. A BBQ area is also designed at the development's campus, where people can gather with family or friends to organize parties at home and enjoy the fresh and cool outdoor air. Not only that, Chen Fang Mansions has a security team available 24/24, helping to ensure the safety of people, you can go home late and not have to worry about security issues.

Comprising of only 21 residential units, Chen Fang Mansions offers residents different choices of apartment. Discover Chen Fang Mansions Floor Plans now and choose the most suitable unit for yourself!

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