Accord Apartments Developer

Accord Apartments was completed in the year 1985 and the complex has 3 exclusive residential units. The average rental price of units ranges from S$ 800 - S$ 1,200 and the rental PSF value is from S$ 5.33 - S$ 6.67. The apartment offers floor plans that are suited for individuals or couples.

Accord Apartments is situated at a strategic location with many amenities like shopping and food just a minute or two away, offering extreme convenience when it comes to the necessities of everyday life. Although being an older development, the apartment is well-kept and has been renovated throughout the years to up keep the apartment.

With only a handful of residential units, Accord Apartments makes for the ideal environment for residents to have peaceful and insulated quality living. The fewer number of residential units mean that residents can enjoy privacy as well as exclusivity because the number of people entering and going out the compound will be relatively less compared to developments with more units. A few parking lots are available within the compound of the apartment for convenience of residents so that they do not have to walk far to get to their homes after parking

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