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Tengah's First Neighbourhood Centre to Welcome Supermarket and Foodcourt by Mid-2024

Tengah's First Neighbourhood Centre to Welcome Supermarket and Foodcourt by Mid-2024.

In a move that is set to bring considerable convenience to the residents of Tengah, Singapore's newest housing estate, the Housing Board has announced the opening of a foodcourt and supermarket in the estate's inaugural neighbourhood centre, Plantation Plaza. This development comes as a response to the growing demand for amenities and public transport options within the community. The opening is scheduled for the end of the second quarter of 2024, marking a significant milestone in the estate's evolution.

The residential development in Plantation Grove

The residential development in Plantation Grove

Plantation Plaza: A Hub of Convenience

Covering an expansive area of over 10,000 square meters, Plantation Plaza is a five-storey complex that will house a total of 75 shops. The plaza is not just limited to a supermarket and foodcourt; it will also offer a variety of dining, retail, service, and recreational options. The Housing Board envisions Plantation Plaza as a one-stop destination catering to the daily needs of Tengah's residents. In a statement released on March 9, the Housing Board elaborated on the progressive opening of other eateries, commercial shops, and services within the development.

The majority of these establishments are expected to commence operations from mid-2024, following the completion of Tengah's first Build-To-Order (BTO) projects, Plantation Acres and Plantation Grange, in December 2023. Plantation Plaza is strategically integrated with another BTO project, Plantation Village, which saw its completion in January 2024.

Collaborative Efforts for Timely Completion

Mike Chan, the deputy chief executive officer of estate at the Housing Board, highlighted the collaborative efforts with major retailers Giant and Koufu. These partnerships have facilitated early renovation planning, allowing the retailers to take measurements in advance and commence their fitting-out works at Plantation Plaza as soon as the temporary occupation permit is secured.

Addressing the concerns regarding the completion of Plantation Plaza after the homes in Plantation Village, the Housing Board clarified that it has been prioritizing the construction of residential units. This approach aligns with the feedback from the majority of flat buyers who expressed a preference for receiving their keys earlier to initiate renovations.

The Housing Board has carefully timed the construction of Plantation Plaza to coincide with the completion of four BTO precincts in its immediate vicinity‚ÄĒPlantation Grange, Plantation Acres, Plantation Village, and Plantation Grove. This synchronization ensures that the plaza serves the residents of these precincts effectively.

Ensuring Business Viability and Supporting Retailers

Plantation Plaza's completion is planned for a time when a substantial number of residents have settled in, estimated to be from mid-2024 onwards. This timing, which follows six months after key collection and home renovations, is intended to guarantee business viability for retailers. To further support businesses during the initial tenancy period and as the Tengah population grows, the Housing Board will provide new shop tenants with staggered rent discounts.

Additional Amenities and Connectivity

Complementing the neighbourhood centre, a retail street will serve as a linear pedestrian mall featuring 14 eateries and retail shops. This mall will connect Plantation Plaza to Blocks 127A to 126A of Plantation Village, offering sheltered pedestrian access to the future Tengah Plantation MRT station on the Jurong Region Line, expected to be operational in 2029.

Moreover, a green connector dubbed Plantation Farmway will interlace the housing precincts, linking them to a variety of recreational facilities, including children's playgrounds, fitness corners for adults and the elderly, a multi-purpose court, and landscaped seating areas. The segment of Plantation Farmway between Plantation Acres and Plantation Grange is slated for completion by April 2024, while the stretch between Plantation Village and Plantation Grove is anticipated to open in the second half of 2024.

A green connector Plantation Farmway

A green connector Plantation Farmway

Interim Solutions and Future Developments

In the interim, a mobile FairPrice grocery truck has been deployed at Plantation Acres, Plantation Grange, and Plantation Village to cater to the essential needs of the residents. This measure is part of a series of initiatives implemented by the Housing Board to address the community's immediate requirements.

Looking ahead, by the third or fourth quarter of 2024, both Plantation Acres and Plantation Grange are expected to have fully operational preschools. Plantation Village is set to welcome additional amenities, including a residents' network centre and a preschool, with construction projected to conclude in the second quarter of 2024 and the preschool opening its doors in the fourth quarter. For Plantation Grove, a preschool is anticipated to be ready in the second half of 2024, and the construction of a community club is scheduled for completion within the same year.

The upcoming opening of Plantation Plaza is a testament to the Housing Board's commitment to enhancing the living experience in Tengah. With a range of amenities and facilities on the horizon, the residents of Tengah can look forward to a future where convenience and community living are seamlessly integrated.

This expanded article provides a comprehensive overview of the developments in Tengah's first neighbourhood centre, Plantation Plaza, and the surrounding BTO projects. It includes details about the amenities, the strategic planning behind the construction, and the future prospects for the residents of Tengah. I hope this meets your requirements! If you need further adjustments or additional information, feel free to ask.

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