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Geylang properties for sale: The Centren @ freehold has the potential to become extremely cozy homes for families

Geylang properties for sale: The Centren @ freehold has the potential to become extremely cozy homes for families.

Geylang properties for sale: The Centren @ freehold has the potential to become extremely cozy homes for families

All Geylang properties for sale are small but the 3BR unit utilizes its vertical space with much more ingenuity. The Centren's 3BR loft have the potential to become extremely cozy homes for families. Here comes the opportunity to rent out one bedroom as its own dual-lock Ala apartment or keep it as it is to serve as a master bedroom.

When it comes to making the most of your leisure hours, The Centren has all the brightest ideas. Learn more details about The Centren @ freehold here!

The Centren revives the concept of urban living, presenting a collection of homes that offer quiet and refined living in the midst of a vibrant metropolis. You'll discover a soothing sanctuary designed to put your heart and soul at ease. Step outside and you'll find that everything interesting and exciting in the city is conveniently located just an arm's length away. This isn't just a place to call home - it's the centerpiece of your brand new lifestyle.

For those who haven't started yet, Geylang properties for sale are small in size. Since land is more precious here than elsewhere on the island, units tend to be split between shoeboxes and compact boxes. But this is the standard for Geylang condominiums. In most cases, despite the large scale, the apartments have a good layout and with the help of a talented interior designer or contractor it can be made to look luxurious and spacious.

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Geylang properties for sale with interior design

Geylang properties for sale: The Centren with interior design

A typical example is the 3BR loft display unit in The Centren.

The apartment is ideal for investors because of where the bedrooms are located. The place where most rooms when entered by the main door will reveal the kitchen, here it is the bedroom and bathroom. By sealing off the wall leading to the main living area with sliding doors as shown in the showunit, that bedroom turns into a small rental unit in itself.

A pantry space is included for really light cooking if needed but overall it's a pretty decent personal space for tenants. Even if the pantry space is used for something else, like storing a washing machine, it's fine because living in Geylang and next to a hawker center makes cooking a breeze. subject.

The other two bedrooms are located on the second floor, in the loft section of the apartment. There is another toilet/bathroom to the left of the main door. One of the nicer things about this apartment is that the living room and dining area are separated.

The Centren is a small achievement, given that other developments in Singapore have benefits of scale that cannot even deliver. Here, the two zones are completely different, meaning that families who move here won't always have to raise their children in front of the television. It's a subtle and wonderful addition that harks back to the better, family-friendly home designs of years past.

The dining area of Geylang properties for sale is close to the entrance of the balcony. The balcony in this apartment overlooks the playground but it is separated by a low wall. It's a decent sized place to relax although during the rain it gets wet as the balcony has no roof. Overall, it's a small deal and doesn't detract from the value of the rest of the unit.

Geylang properties for sale with living room

Geylang properties for sale: The Centren with Entertainment Area

Geylang properties for sale with Bedroom

Geylang properties for sale: The Centren with Bedroom

As for the living room (you can call it a room, after all), it is tastefully designed. The room wasn't particularly big but it was a good size. You won't be blind to a big TV because the couch and wall distance is far enough for you to freely own a bigger TV.

Perhaps the sticking point for residents is the open kitchen located next to the living room and the stairs. Although it comes with an induction hob and range hood, smoke from cooking is still capable of entering the house.

But since the rest of the unit finished pretty well, this little thing is forgivable. The space is used extremely well here and even the fridge is built in and is therefore provided with a washer/dryer, induction hob and range hood. Of course, if someone wants to buy this particular apartment with the complete interior design, they will be able to buy it for a little more.

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