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Geylang Condo Review: List of condos near Mattar MRT Station (DT25)

Geylang Condo Review: List of condos near Mattar MRT Station (DT25).

Geylang condo with good connectivity are always projects of interest to home hunters, especially when these projects are located next to MRT stations. It can be said that Singapore is famous, which is known as the dragon of Asia with an ideal green, clean, beautiful and low pollution living environment. This island nation not only has the cleanest transport system in the world but also has the most modern submarine system in Southeast Asia - MRT subway. In which, Mattar MRT Station (DT25) is a Mass Rapid Transit subway station on the Downtown line in the Geylang planning area, Singapore. As the name suggests, it is located below Mattar Road, at the junction of Merpati Road. The station serves sites such as Canossa Convent School, Masjid Sallim Mattar and St Stephen's Church (Roman Catholic). One of the entrances is adjacent to the Circuit Road hawker center.

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Geylang Condo Review: List of condos near Mattar MRT Station (DT25)

1. Sallim Lodge - A Geylang condo is only 3 mins drive to Mattar MRT Station (DT25)

Sallim Lodge is a freehold Geylang condo located at 20 Sallim Road, Singapore 387635 in District 14 Balestier / Geylang (D12-14). It has a total of 12 apartments and was completed in 1995. The 4-storey high Sallim Lodge, strategically located in District 14, is a comfortable residential area and a foodie paradise where you can enjoy your stay. You can find a lot of delicious food here. Furthermore, this unique development is located close to Mattar (DT25) MRT stations just a 3-minute drive, MacPherson MRT (CC10 DT26) and Aljunied (EW9) stations within a short distance. As a result, residents can zip around the city and get to most of Singapore's main attractions, within walking distance of the MRT station. In addition, numerous bus services run around the area helping to connect the neighborhood and the surrounding area. Residents of this project can easily travel in and out of the area without depending on personal transportation.

Geylang Condo Review: Sallim Lodge - Only 3 minutes drive to Mattar MRT Station (DT25)

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2. KingsGrove - About 6 minutes drive to Mattar MRT Station (DT25)

Kingsgrove is an old but nicely designed Geylang condo located at 1801, Ang Mo Kio Avenue, District 20, Singapore. The construction of this development is carried out by the famous Thomson Hill Pte Ltd (Far East), a very reputable company in the construction field. The development of this project was completed in 1992. Residents do not have to worry about commuting to and from the location even if they do not have their own means of transportation. Public transport is also available locally, making the developed area even more attractive. This project is about 6 minutes drive from Mattar MRT Station (DT25). In addition, project residents can use CC14 Lorong Chuan Metro Station, NS 17 Bishan Metro Station and CC15 Bishan Metro Station for easy travel to and from the site. The development location is easily accessible and connected via the area's major roads and highways from which residents can reach anywhere in the city easily with just a few minutes' drive.

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Geylang Condo Review: KingsGrove - About 6 minutes drive to Mattar MRT Station (DT25)

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