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Geylang condo new launched: Owning a unit of The Centren here means you have a freehold property

Geylang condo new launched: Owning a unit of The Centren here means you have a freehold property.

The Geylang condo new launched is ideal for investors because of where the bedrooms are located. Where most of the room when entering through the main door will reveal the kitchen, here it is the bedroom and bathroom. By sealing off the wall leading to the main living area with sliding doors like in the showunit, that bedroom turns into a small rental apartment in itself.

Geylang condo new launched - Out of 34 units, 19 units have been sold, leaving only 15 units, all of which are 3-bedroom penthouses. As a type of development on the outskirts of the city, The Centren near Aljunied MRT station implies that its initial quanta may be slightly higher than other locations in Geylang. A pantry is included for really light cooking if needed but overall it's a pretty decent personal space for tenants. Even if the pantry space is used for something else, such as storing a washing machine, it would be fine because living in Geylang and being next to a hawker center makes cooking a pain in the subject.

Geylang Condo - The Centren with facade

Geylang condo new launched - The Centren with facade

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Some of the highlight feature at this Geylang condo new launched

The Geylang condo new launched is a rare but still hot item. As Geylang's inevitable evolution and modernization, much of what has defined the region over the past few decades could go the way of the dinosaurs.

This will bring more good jobs to the region. This will attract more people to the area, and even if a small portion of these people start buying or renting in the area, property prices will rise to match the rest of the island. As a result, Geylang is currently one of the most affordable freelance homes in Singapore.

Geylang condo new launched, The Centren, developed by Pinnacle Development Pte Ltd of Pinnacle Property Group, is the newest condominium to settle in in Geylang. A backdrop of old shops and hawker centres, The Center's mostly black and red facade is large enough to be spotted from the corner of nearby inner streets.

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Geylang condo new launched - Closest hawker centre

Geylang condo new launched - Closest hawker centre

Since this Geylang condo new launched is located in Geylang, there is no doubt about the amenities as you cannot turn a corner in Geylang without passing by a shop or a hawker centre. The area is packed with activities to do and although the roads get congested during rush hour and in the evenings, it's still pretty well connected.

But you don't have to drive while living at The Centren. Unlike some of its brethren, the 34-unit apartment is just one street from Sims Avenue and is therefore a convoluted five-minute walk to and from Aljunied metro station. There is only one traffic stop and that is directly across the station.

Centren is a good Geylang condo new launched, no doubt. If staying in Geylang is an unsolvable reality for you, then The Centren and every other project in Geylang will never be good. But if you are someone who can see the bigger picture and know that in the years to come, Geylang as a red light district is on the verge of recession, then that is something to consider.

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