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Because of the refusal of selling Geylang terrace houses of owners, condo developers forced to construct around it

Because of the refusal of selling Geylang terrace houses of owners, condo developers forced to construct around it.


In Guillemard of Geylang, a condominium project developer was incapable of obtaining two terrace house units. And because of the refusal of owners to sell their terrace houses, the developer has been forced to build around them.


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Five Units At Geylang had been purchased of Condo Developer

NoMa @ Geylang is a freehold condo development estimated to be completed in 2023. There are more than five 2-storey terrace house were purchased by developer Macly Group to construct the freehold residential development NoMa. In details, four of those houses sat along Guillemard Road and the other one was along Lorong 28 Geylang. The units were respectively 331, 333, 335, 339 Guillemard Road and 56 Lorong 28 Geylang.


Row of terrace houses along Guillemard Road that the group intended to purchase. Photo via Google Streetview.

URA aprroved to redevelop these houses in 2018. This is whole plot of land they intended to acquire:


Photo via NoMa Condo.

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As 337 Guillemard Road and 54 Lorong 28 Geylang declined to move, however this is nearly the parcel land they have (dotted lines marked up the Lorong 28 unit that refused to sell)

Owners Refusing To Sell:

This is 54 Lorong 28 Geylang unit:


As according to Shin Min Daily News, there is not any reason to explain why the owner denied to sell the unit. It is current that the first storey is a temple hall and the second storey is the temple caretaker's accommodation. The caretaker told to the newspaper that her unit isn't affected much by the construction, and the temple hall is only open for friends and relatives of the owner.

The House Owner in Guillemard Road:

The Geylang owner of 337 Guillemard Road told Shin Min that their mother bought the house. When she passed away, Mr.Wu, the 60-year-old hawker lives their with his elder sister. Wu said that he developed the land in front of the house into a garden, where he can rears fish and small birds.

He had been approached by the developers several years ago to express a wish to sell his unit but he declined because these freehold houses are very rare nowadays. He also shared that he can tend to his plants in his garden and he won't sell the house for any price.

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