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A home at geylang arounded by condo projects when owner refused to sell unit

A home at geylang arounded by condo projects when owner refused to sell unit.

la Brisa facade

Goh’s house at Guillemard Road that will be sandwiched between two condominiums. Photo: Google Maps

Even if it's a million dollars, two homeowners in Geylang only want happiness and sentimentality at themself home.

They have refused to sell their unit to developers for a decade. The owners of two terrace properties are becoming intimately familiar with their condo developments anyway, now that they are fully engulfing them.

“I still am able to do my gardening and I won’t sell it no matter how much the other party offers,” said a 60-year-old homeowner, a hawker identified only as Goh.

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Did you know Geylang has become a property hot spot of late? The property scene in parts of Geylang has a questionable reputation.

Two property projects are respectively La Brisa and Noma that rise to two condo buildings by Tiara Realty and Macly Group developers. For that reason, Goh and the other owner a minute’s walk away at 337 Guillemard Road would not sell.

Goh’s home is now a sliver of land locked between two multi-story developments, while the other home, which has been turned into a prayer hall, will be surrounded by one yet completed.

La Brisa is a freehold condominium development located at 50 Lorong 28 Geylang, in district 14. The condo was built in the year 2014. The sole developer of this project is Tiara Realty Pte Ltd. Their official address is 540 Sims Avenue, Sims Avenue Centre.

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la Brisa facade

La Brisa Facade

La Brisa 's project

Apart from, Noma is a freehold condominium situated at the junction 56 Lorong 28 Geylang and Guillemard Road, District 14, Singapore. Expected to be completed in 2023 with an area of 12,839 sq ft, this condo will have about high-end 5-storey with 39 residential units and other optimal utilities.

Noma 's Facade

Noma 's facade Photo: Google Maps

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Goh said he would never sell his home – That the house was bought by their mother. After she passed on, the 60-year-old hawker, known only as Mr. Wu lived there with his elder sister.

"I turned the open space in front of a house into a garden. I have potted plants, I raise fish and birds and sit here in the morning as the city wakes up.

"I can't find such a house now. It's a freehold land that belongs to us." “Right now, it’s impossible to find a house like this. Other properties have a 99-year tenure, but this is freehold and it belongs to us,” he said.


Green: La Brisa condo, Yellow: Goh’s house, Orange: Noma condo and Blue: Buddhist prayer hall house. Photo: Google Maps

Goh said he was approached by Macly Group to buy his unit in 2017 but he refused. His five former neighbors are said to have taken S$20.55 million (about US$15 million) to pave the way for the Noma project.

Geylang 's Goh house

Goh’s terrace house

In recent years, images show Goh’s garden shrinking year by year. Since 2008, Google Street View shows both terrace houses being gradually dwarfed by the eight-story La Brisa.

Meanwhile, a caretaker of the Guillemard Road house, which is being used as a Buddhist prayer hall open only to family and friends of the owner, had told Shin Min Daily News that she is unsure why the owner refused to sell.

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