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Welcome to Aljunied, Geylang Area

Aljunied, a subzone within the Geylang Planning Area, is a vibrant and dynamic neighborhood with a rich tapestry of culture, history, and modern conveniences.
Geylang living where tradition and modernity intertwine, offering a unique and diverse experience for residents and visitors alike. Besides, Aljunied stands apart as a subzone that seamlessly blends its historical roots with its modern aspirations. It offers residents a vibrant and diverse environment, making it a truly unique and captivating place to live, work, and play.

Aljunied: a colourful neighbourhood that attracts locals and foreigners

Besides condo in Geylang, it has shophouses in rainbow colors, murals and graffiti on walls, and a variety of languages and cuisines at hawker centers. It has a warm and friendly community, with locals and expats sharing stories and laughter. 


Location of Aljunied Subzone Geylang Singapore

It has a rich history and culture, with temples and mosques, batik and ceramics, and cafes and co-working spaces. It is a place for those who want a vibrant and authentic Singaporean experience. Aljunied subzone is a colourful neighbourhood that offers various attractions and experiences for locals and foreigners.

Aljunied 's real estate insight

Aljunied is a highly sought-after district for Geylang new launch purchasers and investor. There is a high demand and supply of residential and commercial properties, as well as a good mix of old and new developments. This area also has a strong rental market, with many expatriates and locals looking for affordable and convenient housing options.

Beside, Aljunied has a range of property types and prices, from HDB flats to private condominiums, from light industrial buildings to shophouses. Aljunied offers property buyers and investors a variety of options to suit their needs and preferences. Aljunied also has a competitive and dynamic property market, with many transactions and price movements. According to some recent data, the average sale price of a HDB flat in Aljunied is S$ 620 per square foot, while the average rental price is S$ 2,200 per month. The average sale price of a private condominium in Aljunied is S$ 1,500 per square foot, while the average rental price is S$ 3,000 per month.

 Some of the popular condos in Geylang Area are Sims Urban Oasis, Park Place Residences at PLQ, The Alcove : So, Aljunied is a neighbourhood in Singapore that has a lot of real estate potential and opportunities.


Aljunied Subzone in District 14

About the people & lifestyle in Aljunied

Aljunied pulsates with the energy of a diverse workforce. Young entrepreneurs and tech-savvy professionals weave through bustling streets, their minds buzzing with groundbreaking ideas. Established businessmen and seasoned educators stride with measured steps, their expertise shaping the future of generations to come. Healthcare workers and educators dedicate their days to serving the community, while those in the service sector keep the wheels of everyday life turning.

This diversity extends beyond the realm of occupations. Aspiring artists and passionate musicians infuse the neighbourhood with creative vibrancy, while seasoned authors and established writers find solace in its quiet corners. A spirit of innovation and ambition permeates the air, fueled by a high concentration of residents holding tertiary qualifications. From young graduates embarking on their careers to seasoned professionals seeking new challenges, Aljunied provides a fertile ground for growth and fulfillment.

Geylang East Public Library close to the Aljunied MRT

Geylang East Public Library close to the Aljunied MRT

Geylang East Swimming Complex at 601 Aljunied Crescent

Geylang East Swimming Complex at 601 Aljunied Crescent

Here are some insider tips we offer


 Some of the lifestyles that can be found in Aljunied are:

•  Foodie: Aljunied has a rich and diverse culinary scene, where one can find a range of cuisines from Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, and more. Some of the popular food places in Aljunied are Geylang Serai Market, Old Airport Road Food Centre, Haig Road Market, and Sims Vista Market.

•  Night owl: Aljunied has a vibrant and lively nightlife, where one can enjoy the entertainment and social activities in the area. Some of the nightlife spots in Aljunied are Geylang Road, which is known for its red-light district, karaoke bars, and massage parlours, Paya Lebar Square, which is a shopping mall with a cinema, restaurants, and pubs, and SingPost Centre, which is a mixed-use development with a cineplex, a supermarket, and a gaming zone.

•  Culture lover: Aljunied has a historical and cultural heritage, where one can learn about the past and the present of the neighbourhood and its people. Some of the heritage sites in Aljunied are Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka, which is one of the oldest mosques in Singapore, Sri Sivan Temple, which is a Hindu temple with a distinctive octagonal structure, Aljunied Muslim Cemetery, which is the resting place of many prominent Arab families, and Kallang Gasworks, which is a former industrial site that has been transformed into a creative space.

Geylang Serai Market

Geylang Serai Market

Paya Lebar Square

Paya Lebar Square

Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka

Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka


Aljunied subzone is a well-connected neighbourhood in Singapore:

Public Transportation:
  • MRT: Aljunied MRT station on the East-West Line provides direct access to the city center and other key destinations.
  • Buses: A dense network of bus routes crisscross the subzone, connecting residents to various parts of the island.
  • Cycling: Dedicated cycling paths, like the Aljunied Park Connector, encourage eco-friendly commutes and leisure rides.
Expressway Access:
  • Major expressways: The Kallang Expressway (KPE) and Central Expressway (CTE) offer quick connections to the city and beyond.
  • Secondary roads: A well-maintained network of smaller roads ensures smooth traffic flow within the subzone.


Aljunied MRT station


Aljunied Park


If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy nature, you can check out Aljunied Park, which is a small but well-maintained park with a playground, fitness corner, and jogging track. You can also spot some birds and butterflies in the park, as well as admire the sculptures and murals that depict the history and heritage of Aljunied.


Aljunied subzone boasts a diverse and vibrant education landscape, catering to a range of learning styles and needs. Here's a glimpse into some of the schools that make the subzone a great place to raise a family or pursue your educational goals:

Aljunied Subzone with Geylang Methodist School (Primary)

Geylang Methodist School (Primary)

Primary Schools:
  • Aljunied Primary School
  • Geylang Methodist School (Primary)
  • Sri Temasek Primary School
  • St. Stephen's School

Aljunied-Subzone-with-Chung Cheng Secondary School

Chung Cheng Secondary School (Main)

Secondary Schools:
  • Aljunied Green Secondary School
  • Chung Cheng Secondary School (Main)
  • Geylang Methodist School (Secondary)
  • St. Patrick's School

Aljunied-Subzone-with Nexus International School

Nexus International School 

International Schools:
  • Nexus International School (Singapore): This prestigious school offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the UK National Curriculum, providing a truly international education experience.


We suggest some restaurants in Aljunied:

  • Super Thai by Soi Aroy (at 379 Upper Aljunied Road)
  • Joyful Seafood East (at 116 Aljunied Avenue 2)
  • Penang Seafood Restaurant (at 76 Geylang Lorong 25a)
  • Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Leg Porridge
  • JB Ah Meng Restaurant


Super Thai by Soi Aroy (at 379 Upper Aljunied Road)


Penang Seafood Restaurant (at 76 Geylang Lorong 25a)


Aljunied subzone offers a diverse mix of shopping malls, catering to various budgets, preferences, and needs:

For Everyday Essentials and Local Delights:
  • Paya Lebar Square
  • Kallang Wave Mall
  • One KM
For Fashion and Lifestyle:
  • SingPost Centre
  • Aperia Mall
  • Joo Chiat/Katong
  • Lentor Modern (For Upcoming Developments)

Shop and Dine At Kallang Wave Mall in Aljunied Subzone

Kallang Wave Mall 

One KM in Aljunied Subzone

One KM 

SingPost Centre in Aljunied Subzone

SingPost Centre